Beyond Words, 2008

Installation views of BA Honours Degree exhibition at Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, 2008. Work in the exhibition: Beyond Words, mixed media installation: yacht sail with marine sail lettering; roller skates in lit vitrine with vinyl sticker; foam board octon game pieces with vinyl mat; blankets, worded playing cards and electrical tape with motorcycle helmet, diving flippers, fishing rod, golf club, inflatable swimming aid, lava lamp, balloon pump and other items.

Beyond Words is made up of a number of sculptural works referencing games and leisure activities. The works propose playful alternatives to standardizing routines, systems and regulations, whilst questioning their own logic. The work Joie de Vivre brings together a map of the River Lee and the form of a roller-skate. In Tree of Life, found objects and worded playing cards are placed upon the mystical symbol used in the Kabbalah. Marine lettering is added to a found yacht sail in Beyond Words and Garden of Eden presents a giant version of the classic Octon game.