Game-play, 2010

Installation views of the exhibition Game-play, a two person exhibition with Julie Henry at the Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, 2010, curated by Nora Hickey. Work in the exhibition: Untitled (Clocks), 2010, clocks, vinyl, dimensions variable; Untitled (Ball), 2009, hand-stitched footballs, graph paper, table, ball diameter 50cm; Spaced Out, 2010, photographic collage 50 x 70cm; Out There 4 Man (Paloma Grey and Bluebell), 2010, tents, dream-catcher, fur rug, dressing gown, 220 x 220 x 220cm; Arenas 3, 2010, photographic collage, 106 x 71cm.

Game-Play brought together the work of two artists, both of whom in their practice explore social spaces, such as football matches and music festivals, and our participation in society. Untitled (Clocks) have had their faces obscured with the application of coloured vinyl. Untitled, (Ball), is constructed from footballs found washed up on the banks of the river Lee in Cork and Out There 4 Man (Paloma Grey and Bluebell) incorporates material from abandoned tents. Spaced Out is a photograph of a book about 1960’s hippy settlements with collaged elements of photographs taken at the aftermath of a recent music festival. Arenas 3 is composed of sixteen photographs of stadiums taken from the internet. The centre of each stadium has been interrupted by a collage of flat colour.