Vermiculated render quoins to ground floor, 2016

Installation views of the Allin Institute at ENGAGE Bandon Arts Festival, 2016, curated by Eugene O'Hea. Work in the exhibition: Vermiculated render quoins to ground floor, 2016, mixed media installation: leatherette, upholstery fabric, upholstery glue, rivets, thread, galvanized bar, straps. 3 x banners, dimensions: 500cm x 175cm. Visual artists in the festival: Richard Gorman, Angela Fulcher, Michael Canning, Mark Clare, Alex Conway, Damian Drohan, Karen Minihan and Cork Print-Makers. Photo credit: Brian Mac Domhnaill.

This site-specific installation responds to the patterning in the rendered surface of the Allin Institute’s exterior walls. Several of the plaster-work designs that resemble a honeycomb-like formation of loosely woven threads known as vermiculation, have been replicated in soft fabrics to produce large-scale banners. This transposition seeks to address methods of making and materials. The installation includes a vinyl wall text description of the exterior building taken from the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage.