Compression, 2015

Installation views of the group exhibition Compression at Ormston House Gallery, Cork, 2015, curated by Ed Krcma. Work in the exhibition: Curtain Tie Backs, 2015, mixed media: found curtain tie back and wall hook, spray-painted cast iron, dimensions variable. Artists in the exhibition: Stephen Brandes, Maud Cotter, Angela Fulcher, Tom Hackney, Catherine Harty, Caoimhe Kilfeather, Susan Morris, Trevor Shearer, Alison Turnbull. Photo credit: Jed Niezgoda.

The exhibition Compression brings together contemporary artworks that achieve density and compactness of meaning through the use of spare and concentrated means. Curtain Tie Backs was conceived during the IRON-R 2 project held at the National Sculpture Factory, Cork. A sand mould cast of a curtain tie back was hand-poured from a cupola of molten scrap iron sourced from old fireplaces, radiators and other items.