Conjuring For Beginners, 2012

Installation views of the group exhibition Conjuring for Beginners at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 2012, curated by Tessa Giblin. Works in the exhibition: Hurry on Sundown, 2010, ceiling installation with tent fabric; Untitled (Crystal Cabinet No.5), 2012, wall hanging with banisters and dress; Untitled (Ball), 2009. Artists in the exhibition: Zbynek Baladrán, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Angela Fulcher, Sam Keogh, Janice Kerbel, Ruth E. Lyons and Susan Philipsz. Photo credit: Project Arts Centre.

Set within the gallery space of Project Arts Centre is the capsized reality of an island scene. Grounded by Amphibious Sound, a swarming, black, neoprene wetsuit sculpture by Ruth E. Lyons, and roofed by Hurry on Sundown, a billowing, multi-coloured hanging sculpture by Angela Fulcher, this is a place where objects, artifacts, and artworks exist contrary to their original material construction. Like the illusionist’s apparition, works by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel resemble gigantic totemic necklaces or quasi-ceremonial findings, their precious ceramic and wood forms twisting the building blocks of contemporary culture. In this space, the conviction of the exotic or other is as imaginary as the island itself.