Onos, 2010

Installation view at Askeaton Contemporary Arts Residency ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’, Limerick, 2010. Work in the exhibition: Onos, 2010, mixed media installation: car bumpers, industrial cardboard tubing, cable-ties, cover hand-stitched from curtains, blankets and tea towels, mattress made from 5 x double duvets. 180 x 180 x 50cm.

Onos is a sculptural work that imagines a low-tech ‘hippy’ production of a high-end designer bed. Specifically, the work brings together two design references from the late 1960’s; Drop City, the Colarado hippy commune that used car scrapyard materials to construct their geodesic homes, and the progressive design and architecture collective, Superstudio, who produced the original moulded fibre-glass Onos bed. The original bed can be seen here: www.cristianotoraldodifrancia.it
Onos is a site-specific work that was installed in a disused launderette in the town of Askeaton. The mattress was made from the uncollected dry-cleaned duvets found left behind.