Seachange, 2015

Installation views of the group exhibition Seachange, Tulca Festival of Visual Art, Galway, 2015, curated by Mary Cremin. Works in the exhibition: Road Surfaces, 2015, photographic collage, 271 x 32cm and Blinkers, 2015, mixed media installation: car headlamp lens coverings, transport interior fabrics, leatherette, wadding, polystyrene, spray paint, thread, dimensions variable. Photo credit: Jonathan Sammon.

This exhibition seeks to illuminate issues of climate change and our place in the changing landscape while, at the same time, examining the language associated with climatologists’ future projections—language often evocative of science fiction rather than science fact. Through a combination of the real and the imaginary the exhibiting artists create a collective call for a sea change, literally, in our current climate policies. Blinkers, is a group of sculptural works made from the plastic moulded lens coverings of car headlamps. The forms have been shaped following the design of each headlamp and upholstered with transport interior velvets. The title refers to car indicator lights and also the way in which their illuminative function has been blocked by the application of coloured paints. Road Surfaces is a print showing a series of appropriated images of roads at different locations around the world that have had their surfaces disrupted by the event of either earthquake or flooding. The images have been tinted with an iridescent petrol-like stain.