Sun Stopping, 2016

Installation views of the Carlow Arts Festival, 2016. Work commissioned for the festival: Sun Stopping, 2016, mixed media installation: spinnaker cloth and tree stakes, dimensions variable, range 36m - 1m length, 0.4m width. Commissioned for Site Works by Carlow Arts Festival, Carlow Arts Office & VISUAL Carlow, selected by Annie Fletcher, Claire Feeley, Sinead Dowling, Jo Mangan, Owen Boss, Emma-Lucy O’ Brien, and Emma Geoghegan. Photo credit: Jed Niezgoda.

Sun Stopping is a large-scale fabric sculpture set in the walled orchard of St. Patrick’s Carlow College. The title, Sun Stopping, is borrowed from the meaning of the Latin word for solstice, 'solstitium', when the sun appears to stop it's seasonal path in the sky before reversing direction. The work consists of tree stakes supporting coloured banners throughout the orchard which, radiating from a central point, block the sun's rays, illuminating the translucent fabric. Maypole-style woven poles stand amongst the trees. Sun Stopping was installed in the orchard up to and including the summer solstice on 20th June 2016.