A Thousand Flowers: Friends Growing and Learning, 2019

Proposal sketches for A Thousand Flowers: Friends Growing and Learning, shortlisted for Percent for Art Commission, Scoil Naomh Eltin, Kinsale, Cork, 2019. Dimensions: tapestry 5m x 2.5m. Includes installation view in school foyer, sketch design and concept development.

Proposal for a framed tapestry interior wall hanging incorporating a multi-layering of images drawing from the ethos of the school, the local landscape and historical heritage. Using traditional tapestry themes such as Millefleurs and the presentation of emblems and mottoes, the design will include flora and fauna from the local environment such as Irish wildflowers, small animals, seaweed and sea creatures as a backdrop to a central element drawn from the helm, the eight-spoked emblem in the school crest, and the quadrat, a frame used to isolate a standard unit of ground surface so that the frequency and density of the vegetation within can be recorded.