Enfold: A New Icon for St. Angela's College, 2015

Proposal sketches for Enfold: A New Icon for St. Angela's College, shortlisted for Percent for Art Commission, St. Angela's College, Cork, 2015. Dimensions: tapestry 6m x 2.5m, brooch diameter 1.6m, internal pipe diameter 100mm. Includes installation view in school foyer and concept development image St. Ursula’s Shrine, by Hans Memling, 1489.

Proposal for a large scale, free hanging tapestry interior wall hanging. The tapestry takes the form of a section from a giant outsized cloak pinned with a metal sculptural penannular brooch clasp. With a pattern of radiating panels in rich colours and gold and silver threads, the design brings together themes drawn from a number of histories; that of the school and its ethos, the artist’s own girlhood, and that of fine art and tapestry making. The concept of the proposal takes its starting point from the story of St. Ursula, the patron saint of St Angela’s College. Ursula was a princess who undertook a pilgrimage to Rome, unafraid and willing to meet the challenges that faced her with undying love, strength, and confidence. She held close the many maidens who accompanied her, sheltering them with her protective cloak. Enfold is a symbol of the unity and belonging at St. Angela’s College.